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Digiscape Gallery, pioneers in digital media training, was started in 1988, and in the span of 2 decades has established itself as a monopoly in the domains of prepress and publishing training. Located at the center of Chennai, in close proximity to several corporate and educational institutions, Digiscape till date has trained over 10000 people in various fields of digital media. Digiscape takes pride in being India’s first Adobe Authorized Training Center as well as a preferred training partner for Apple and Quark. With its wide range of training skills and capabilities, Digiscape has bagged almost all the leading newspaper & magazine publishers and e-publishing companies in India as its prestigious training customers. Our corporate training programs have created a whole lot of fresh talent fished out from suburbs and rural Tamilnadu, who have been successfully trained and placed in various top-notch companies. More...

Digital Publishing is a relatively new concept in the world of publishing. As Kindle and iPad continue to make electronic publishing more and more convenient on the consumer side and as Online publishing becomes more and more convenient for the writer, digital publishing is clearly here to stay. There is no more waiting for production and delivery.
In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want instant information and digital publishing has enabled consumers to be on the move without ever missing a beat. Digital publishing has allowed small business to large corporations in a cost effective way to be in the digital media world and measure the effectiveness of their product.
This unique course provides students with specific, targeted digital skills that make them more valuable employees in an industry that is shifting focus and goals to the web and interactive media.
This course is intended for student who develops and enhances the digital publishing skills. Also for those who are presently using digital publishing system, working in corporate communications and print publishing houses. Or simply for any student who wants a career in the world of publishing or ePublishing.


Digiscape LMS provides a simple and easy to understand interface, the system tracks employee skill evolution through learning and associated testing & feedback modules. Using a mix of computer & classroom training, the leading publishing companies have claimed on an average 35-50% reduction in training costs across courses.

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